Posted by: Christian CEO | October 12, 2010

An Article Every Christian CEO Should Read

Are you finding the right balance between the rules and empathy while doing the top job in your business?  Eve Tahmincioglu writes about the power of having proper empathy and being properly connected with every aspect of your business in her article “Empathy Can Go A Long Way In The Office“.

Along with this article, I would also recommend that every Christian CEO watch every episode of Undercover Boss.  I first watched this program, not thinking that it would be so emotional or endearing.  I was wrong.  The experiences that each CEO has during their time of working incognito at the lower levels of their business provide them with an incredibly eye-opening opportunity to see their business from the perspective of their employees (sometimes not such a pleasant experience).  It’s also apparent that most of the employees they come in contact with, are positively changed in their thinking about the boss once the boss reveals their identify later in the show.

I think it’s time that we all make the effort to connect with every aspect of our business and see the benefits of such an endeavor.


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