Posted by: Christian CEO | October 6, 2010

Christian CEO: Becoming Real

Do you ever think to yourself, “I wish I could really be real with someone!”?  There are few if any people we can be totally real with in our lives.  We may give a sliver of a peak to one or two people, but is there anyone with which we can share everything?  What would it mean for you to be “real” with someone:  Someone you could reveal every past mistake or sin, every present sin and struggle, and every fear you have had or are having?

It’s almost scary to write this and maybe it’s a little scary to read about such an idea, but there’s something inside of us that longs for this.  We long to drop our facade and be real with someone, but can we trust anyone with our real life?  Is it possible that this is what Jesus means when He asks us to “take up our cross”?  Isn’t this what surrender looks like?

I’d like to share a couple of articles with you by Bob Regnerus from Christian Business Daily who writes about the day when God took him on a path of being “real”.  Check out his two part article called, “The Year of Being Reborn, Part 1” and “The Year of Being Reborn, Part 2

If you’d like to check out this idea of being “real” with others, come see what it’s like with other Christian business owners who also want to find people to be real with, here.


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