Posted by: Christian CEO | September 22, 2010

Isn’t It Biblical For A Christian CEO To Strategically Plan?

Stacy French Reynolds writes over at Anchor Advisors about the value of planning out our business future.

She writes, “While uncertainty can be fun on a short vacation, it can be a nightmare for a business. When business owners build their businesses without a plan, they build a business they may not like. They may find the people they’re working with (or for) aren’t the people they like to spend time with. They might find the work that has come their way isn’t the work that they enjoy.  But alas, they’re stuck. With no plan of how they got there, they have no plan to get anywhere else.”

Read her recent article, “Business: It’s A Trip” and see if this isn’t something you should be making a priority.  And if it is a priority, keep looking to improve it until you have it perfected.  With the perfecting of the process, you can expect your business to be better off.


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