Posted by: Christian CEO | August 14, 2010

Your Sales Materials Don’t Live Up To Your Christian Ethics!

Jan Wallen of writes, “How Honest Are You?”.  Unfortunately sometimes our reach, even as the CEO in our own company, isn’t long or particularly strong enough to fully influence our marketing or sales departments.  It may be time to have a good down-to-earth discussion with your marketing/sales staff.

The world tells our sales and marketing staffs to put the right spin on everything we sell or manufacture.  I would suggest that we as Christian business owners need to emphasize to our sales and marketing staffs the importance of expressing the truth in every thing we say or write.  In fact, I might even suggest that our materials underplay our potential to “do miracles”.  It’s always best to under-promise and over-deliver than to do the opposite.

How have you had to adjust your sales/marketing materials or your company policies to bring them more in line with your own personal Christian ethics?


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