Posted by: Christian CEO | May 8, 2010

Don’t be left behind on Social Media

As I continue to educate myself regarding the use of social media I am discovering how powerful the proper use of the available tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Bitly, Google Alerts, TweetAdder, etc, are.

I highly recommend you begin doing some internet searches on the tools I just referenced.  You should also educate yourself and your staff by checking out the myriad YouTube videos that have been created to explain the opportunity you have in utilizing these tools.

My mistake, when I first considered these tools, was seeing them as separate and disconnected and without much potential.  Now that I’ve begun looking at them as tools that can be aligned together for great benefit, I’m amazed at what can be done in driving value to customers and branding products and services.  I believe as Christian CEOs, Presidents and business leaders, we can utilize these tools in a proper biblical context; as servant-leaders to our customers.

In the future I will be discussing these tools and how they can be integrated to produce value for your customers.  Please don’t discount these tools as I mistakenly did.  You need to recognize these tools as the next opportunity for you to expand your company’s reach in a sincere, value oriented way.  And please don’t go the route of using these tools as a blatant sales tool.  When I have seen this done, I’ve felt like I just walked away from an agressive used car salesman.  Come to think of it, I don’t even think used car salesman even use those techniques anymore, so you shouldn’t either.



  1. I have an awesome video on my blog in regards to social media. It puts it all into perspective so suscinctly. Check it out- its the first entry.

    • Thanks for referring me to your site. I’ve posted your video on my blog. Is that ok?

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